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London's Language was inspired by Sir Peter Hall's production of Pygmalion, which ran from May to August 2008 at The Old Vic. Key themes from the play were selected and used as the basis for a series of workshops that explored  contemporary language. 1,225 pupils from 37 schools participated in the project each contributing to the creation of four monologues which were subsequently filmed and performed by professionals from The Old Vic Theatre. This webiste contains the lesson plans used in schools as well as the filmed monologues.  Despite being written in 1916, the text of Pygmalion proved remarkably  contemporary when exploring issues such as manners, class, personal identity and social roles. As a result, the lesson plans work well not only with the English and Drama curriculum, but also lend themselves to the Citizenship curriculum. Therefore, we have aimed the lessons at 11 -16 year olds.